The Retail World Just Got Better…And it’s Because of Beacons

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Shopping malls and the general shopping experience is always going to be enjoyable for the majority of consumers. From the layout of a store, to the ambience heard, to the training of the sales staff and their ability to assess your every need. Retail shopping, while declining in recent years, is a multi-billion dollar industry that will be around for dozens of year. The industry has now recently received an exciting and potentially huge update that will be changing the way consumers shop forever.

Smart beacons are popping up everywhere, especially in the retail stores that you frequent the most. By combining technology and the traditional, physical store sales method, retailers are now able to enhance the experience that consumers have when shopping. Small , bluetooth-enabled devices that can track in range of them are the culprits behind this experience change. With these beacons in retail, the industry will be able to better compete with the trillion dollar e-commerce industry.

There are some huge and game-changing additions that are being made due to the use of sales promoting technology like beacons. While online brands have access to information like where users are clicking, how often users are staying on a particular page, and there shopping tendencies, retailers will be able to use beacons to track similar information in their physical stores. Imagine now a series of applications and in-store technology that will let you know how many times you’ve visited within the last year, what items you’ve purchased, how much you’ve spent, and show you recommendations on your application of what new consumer goods would most interest you. This is now a reality.

Beacons are Used for Guiding

Retailers now know how sensitive and critical a successful trip for a consumer is to a location. Companion apps are applications that directly affect your experience at the corresponding retailer’s shop, while gathering information without bothering the consumer. You can almost say that retailers have not only adapted but implemented the most successful online practices in order to stay competitive.

Many of these retailers are relying on the future and on companies like Electric Bench, who specialize in the development of applications and software that go with beacon technology. Wearable computers are becoming increasingly popular, and technology is being developed that will allow consumers who enjoy the physical aspect of shopping to enjoy it even more so with custom messages, coupons, and offers delivered directly to your device upon entering a store.

While retail and technology have found multiple ways to intertwine and while retailers care about their consumers, the applications being created are also used to increase the chance of increased sales. In department stores, consumers with the proper application will get real-time notifications delivered to their smartphone, depending on their location within the store. These notifications are generally centered towards increasing sales and have been seeing increasingly successful results.

The Future is Here Already

It’s only a matter of time before beacons in retail become absolutely mandatory. As the needs of a consumer get more advanced and the convenience of e-commerce increases, it’s inevitable that retail brands are going to adopt having BLE and beacons within their stores to both assist and “up-sale” to their customers.


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